RHS Silver Award Winner

The Water Wise Garden

The category brief set by the RHS: 

A new Show Garden Competition at BBC Gardeners’ World Live; On Your Marks, Get Set,  GWL_logo_DOC_2010_no_dates  Garden!The idea is to create a 7m by 7m garden using a pre-set range and quantity of materials set by multi award-winning designer Andy Sturgeon. We want you to use your sense of design innovation to push the boundaries and show visitors that limited materials need not mean limited creativity.

Four designers will be selected nationally from the submitted applications to create their garden.

Our inspiration:

The recent drought highlighted the need for water conservation and sustainable planting in our increasingly volatile climate. To show how an eco-friendly garden designed to conserve and re-use water can still look chic and attractive.

The solution:

The ground was sculpted into a bowl shape to hold rainwater runoff and create different plant and wildlife habitats. Moisture loving plants were planted at the lowest wettest point and plants adapted to dry conditions planted around the edges of the garden in the dry zone with some in full sun and others in shaded conditions. This showed how plants can be used to reduce water needs. We showcased an innovative filtration system to clean and re-use waste grey water (water from sinks, baths, showers and washing machines) using plants in a water feature trickling down to the bog area.


We had a huge response from the public who without exception loved the garden and the gorgeous planting. The bees soon found the flowers as well!

The RHS judges awarded us a Silver medal which is not bad for our first RHS show!

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