Garden Design

Never worked with a garden designer before? Don’t worry we will lead you through every step of the design and construction, ensuring that the finished garden is designed to suit you and your style. Our mission is to make the design and construction process as enjoyable as the finished product.  Our 3D perspective drawings will enable you to visualise the finished garden and our mood boards will help with the important decisions of selecting the right paving and finishes. This will ensure that the journey to your dream garden is exciting and fun.

Not sure about planting? We will create a planting plan that suits your garden conditions, gives you year round interest and fits with the colour scheme you have in mind.

The Process:

  • We provide a free initial consultation where we will visit you and find out more about what you want from your garden and how you are going to use it. Where are the sunny spots, what style and finishes do you prefer, what colour scheme for the planting? At this visit we aim to get a thorough understanding of how you will use your garden. We will discuss preliminary design proposals, your budget and how long it will take to build.
  • The next stage is for us to survey your garden and then work up a design and construction cost based on what we’ve discussed. We use our award winning specialist in-house designers to realise the full potential of your garden with a design that will complement your tastes and requirements.
  • Once you are happy with the completed design we can then construct your dream garden using our team of skilled landscape craftsmen.